• Air Pad Machine

Air Pad Machine

Model : YC-03 FD

  • Less cost with more protection: abundant air and fewer materials required to reduce packaging costs and better protection for your products.
  • Packaging consumables made from bio-degradable materials: reducing environmental pollution and costs to you.
  • Prompt production: producing when you need it, reduce inventory stock and costs.
  • Advertising: print your company logo in a random print or information on the Air Pad film is an effective way to increase brand awareness.
  • Operator friendly: easy to use and portable, little space required and no air compressor needed
  • Size and air amount adjustable: depending on the product size to adjust the amount and length you need.
  • Various films available: regardless of LDPE or HDPE, various film thickness are available.

Model No. Machine Size LxWxH(mm) Power Watt Speed
YC-03 FD 600x450x425 1⌀110V/220V/240V 700W 0~18M

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