Desktop L Bar
Desktop L Bar

Air Pad

YC-03 FD  
Air Pad Film  
12x20 cm
20x20 cm  

Desktop L Bar

YC-450HL  YC-450WR
YC-600HL  YC-600WR
YC-800HL  YC-800WR
YC-450 HLF 
YC-600 HLF   
YC-4545 HLF1
YC-4560 HLF1  

Desktop L Bar

YC-450 LA  YC-450 WA
YC-600 LA  YC-600 WA
YC-800 LA  YC-800 WA
YC-450 LB  YC-450 WA
YC-600 LB  YC-600 WA
YC-800 LB  YC-800 WA  
YC-450 LAF
YC-600 LAF  
YC-4545 LAF1
YC-4560 LAF1  

Floor Model L type

YC-450 LC
YC-600 LC  

Semi Auto L type

YC-450 LD
YC-600 LD

2 in 1 Sealing Shrinking

YC-4545 LS
YC-4560 LS  

Foot Type Sealer

YC-450 F
YC-600 F  
YC-450 FC
YC-600 FC  

I Bar Sealer

YC-300 ICS YC-300 ICR
YC-450 ICS YC-450 ICR
YC-600 ICS YC-600 ICR
YC-820 ICS YC-820 ICR
YC-1020 ICS   YC-1020 ICR

YC-450 I  
YC-600 I    
YC-450 IC  YC-450 IR
YC-600 IC  YC-600 IR  
YC-450 H(L)
YC-600 H(L)  
YC-450 H(L)C
YC-600 H(L)C  
YC-450 H(R)   YC-300 R
YC-600 H(R) YC-450 R
  YC-600 R

L-type Sealing Machine + Film Dispenser + Table

L-type Sealing Machine + Film Dispenser + Table

L型封口機 + 滾輪工作檯 + 工作桌

YC-450 LAF (YC-450 LA + YC-450 WA + Table)
YC-600 LAF (YC-600 LA + YC-600 WA + Table)
● Magnetic hold down for easy to use.
● Adjustable packing tray depth, 20-250mm pack heights.
 With special electrothermal wires and porcelain, it seals neatly and quickly.
 Used with Film Dispenser to put the film, making packaging easy.
 Table equipped with wheels, easy to work and move.
 The use of special silicon inserts results in excellent seals.
 Film Available: POF, PE, PVC

● 適用產品包裝高度 20-250 mm 可調,不同大小產品皆可用。
● 瞬熱式封口機:使用特殊陶瓷及電熱線,可使封口更漂亮及迅速。
● 搭配滾輪工作檯放置膠膜,包裝更便利。
● 工作桌裝配可剎車移動輪,維持機台穩定,且移動方便。
● 使用特殊設計矽膠,達至完美封口。
● 適用膠膜:POF,PE,PVC