Air Pad
Air Pad

Air Pad

YC-03 FD  
Air Pad Film  
12x20 cm
20x20 cm  

Desktop L Bar

YC-450HL  YC-450WR
YC-600HL  YC-600WR
YC-800HL  YC-800WR
YC-450 HLF 
YC-600 HLF   
YC-4545 HLF1
YC-4560 HLF1  

Desktop L Bar

YC-450 LA  YC-450 WA
YC-600 LA  YC-600 WA
YC-800 LA  YC-800 WA
YC-450 LB  YC-450 WA
YC-600 LB  YC-600 WA
YC-800 LB  YC-800 WA  
YC-450 LAF
YC-600 LAF  
YC-4545 LAF1
YC-4560 LAF1  

Floor Model L type

YC-450 LC
YC-600 LC  

Semi Auto L type

YC-450 LD
YC-600 LD

2 in 1 Sealing Shrinking

YC-4545 LS
YC-4560 LS  

Foot Type Sealer

YC-450 F
YC-600 F  
YC-450 FC
YC-600 FC  

I Bar Sealer

YC-300 ICS YC-300 ICR
YC-450 ICS YC-450 ICR
YC-600 ICS YC-600 ICR
YC-820 ICS YC-820 ICR
YC-1020 ICS   YC-1020 ICR

YC-450 I  
YC-600 I    
YC-450 IC  YC-450 IR
YC-600 IC  YC-600 IR  
YC-450 H(L)
YC-600 H(L)  
YC-450 H(L)C
YC-600 H(L)C  
YC-450 H(R)   YC-300 R
YC-600 H(R) YC-450 R
  YC-600 R

Air Pad Film

Air Pad Film

12x20 cm
20x20 cm
● D2W, Bio-degradable Film: D2W is a polymer-based masterbatch made with specially developed IP and tested for eco-toxicity. When D2W is placed inside the plastic product, it will control and shorten the degradation and biodegradation process.   
● HDPE Film: we choose  Double-layer HDPE Film which is much stronger than LDPE film, and the air will not leak out which can provide better protection to the products, decreasing the opportunity of damage during delivery.
● Reuse & Recycle: reducing environmental pollution.
● Advertisement: printing company logo or information on the Air Pad, increasing brand awareness. 
● Less storage space: rolls of film require little stock space.
● Various sizes suit for various products: different sizes can be used in various kind of products packaging.

● D2W, 可生物分解膠膜:D2W 為氧化式生物降解塑料添加劑,添加在塑膠製品內,可以加速生物降解的進程,且不改變塑膠的物理特性,不會對環境造成污染。
● 高密度PE膠膜:我們選用雙層高密度PE的台灣製膠膜,相較於低密度PE膠膜,不但更強壯且不會漏氣,可使包裝的產品受到更完善的保護,,不會因放置時間太久漏氣而失去緩衝能力,減少運送途中可能導致的損壞。
● 可重複使用&可回收:減低環境負擔與汙染。
● 廣告效益:可在緩衝氣泡上印刷公司名稱及資訊,增加品牌曝光度。
● 不占空間:膠膜成捲,2捲1箱包裝,不需太大儲存空間。
● 膠膜尺寸多元:不同尺寸膠膜可適用於不同的產品包裝,且可依需求選用填滿各式裝箱空間,減少產品在箱內碰撞風險。