Air Pad
Air Pad

Air Pad

YC-03 FD  
Air Pad Film  
12x20 cm
20x20 cm  

Desktop L Bar

YC-450HL  YC-450WR
YC-600HL  YC-600WR
YC-800HL  YC-800WR
YC-450 HLF 
YC-600 HLF   
YC-4545 HLF1
YC-4560 HLF1  

Desktop L Bar

YC-450 LA  YC-450 WA
YC-600 LA  YC-600 WA
YC-800 LA  YC-800 WA
YC-450 LB  YC-450 WA
YC-600 LB  YC-600 WA
YC-800 LB  YC-800 WA  
YC-450 LAF
YC-600 LAF  
YC-4545 LAF1
YC-4560 LAF1  

Floor Model L type

YC-450 LC
YC-600 LC  

Semi Auto L type

YC-450 LD
YC-600 LD

2 in 1 Sealing Shrinking

YC-4545 LS
YC-4560 LS  

Foot Type Sealer

YC-450 F
YC-600 F  
YC-450 FC
YC-600 FC  

I Bar Sealer

YC-300 ICS YC-300 ICR
YC-450 ICS YC-450 ICR
YC-600 ICS YC-600 ICR
YC-820 ICS YC-820 ICR
YC-1020 ICS   YC-1020 ICR

YC-450 I  
YC-600 I    
YC-450 IC  YC-450 IR
YC-600 IC  YC-600 IR  
YC-450 H(L)
YC-600 H(L)  
YC-450 H(L)C
YC-600 H(L)C  
YC-450 H(R)   YC-300 R
YC-600 H(R) YC-450 R
  YC-600 R

Air Pad Machine

Air Pad Machine


YC-03 FD

● Less cost with more protection: abundant air and fewer materials required to reduce packaging costs and better protection for your products.
● Packaging consumables made from bio-degradable materials: reducing environmental pollution and costs to you.
● Prompt production: producing when you need it, reduce inventory stock and costs.
● Advertising: print your company logo in a random print or information on the Air Pad film is an effective way to increase brand awareness.
● Operator friendly: easy to use and portable, little space required and no air compressor needed
● Size and air amount adjustable: depending on the product size to adjust the amount and length you need.
● Various films available: regardless of LDPE or HDPE, various film thickness are available. 
● 利用大量的空氣、少量的材質,以達節省包裝成本,並可保護產品。
● 緩衝氣泡可重複使用或回收且可生物分解,以減少環境污染。
● 緩衝氣泡可立即生產製作,要用多少做多少,減少囤積庫存及場所。
● 在緩衝氣泡上可印刷公司商標,增加廣告效果。
● 操作簡單,移動方便,佔用空間小,且不用空氣壓縮機,可放置在辦公室內。
● 氣泡的數量可自由調整,並可依產品大小,截取所需的長度。
● 各種不同厚度,高密度PE,低密度PE的膠膜皆可適用